Brass angles

Filto Profiles produces Brass Angles typically used for decorative purposes. We supply Imperial and Metric Angles in a wide range of grades and sizes at competitive prices and high quality.

Cut to any required Angle length.

Our experienced engineers will gladly help you to decide which size, alloy and length of our brass angles will work best for you.

Below is the updated list of our Metric and Imperial Brass Angles, Equal Brass Angle and Unequal Brass Angle.

Angles grade / brass alloy 

- CuZn36Pb3   CW603N   C36000   CZ124

- CuZn37Pb1   CW605N   C35000   CZ121

-CuZn41Pb1Al   CW620N

- CuZn39Pb3   CW614N   C38500   CZ121

- CuZn40Pb2    CW617N   C38010   CZ122

- CuZn40Pb2Al   CW618N   C38000

- CuZn43Pb1Al   CW622N   C38000

- CuZn43Pb2Al   CW624N   CZ130

-CuZn43Pb2  CW623N  CZ130

-CuZn40Mn1Pb1AlFeSn  CW721R  CZ114  Manganese Bronze 

-CuZn37  CW508L  C27400  CZ108  Lead Free Brass

*Other brass alloys upon request.

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